What Can I Do With A BSN Degree?

What can I do with a BSN degree? is a question asked by many nursing students. If you’re here asking that question, you should read on to learn about what exactly a degree in this field entails and what your career options are once you graduate.

What Can I Do With A BSN Degree

Why Earn A BSN Degree?

Before answering the question, “what can I do with BSN degree?” let’s first determine the reason for earning a BSN degree. BSN programs, short for Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs, require students to earn about 180 credits to graduate. About half of these credits are earned in nursing courses, and the other half of the credits come from general education courses. You should keep in mind that some nursing school programs require students to earn all of the credits in traditional classrooms, while other online BSN programs allow students to earn credits online. Attending one of the best BSN programs is a good idea if you want to work in positions that earn high salaries, such as management positions and specialty practice positions.

Details Of What You Can Do With A BSN Degree

So you’ve graduated and are asking, “What can I do with a BSN degree?”

When you graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you will have many more career opportunities than you would with an RN degree. You will most likely notice a significant salary increase, as a BSN is recognized as a positive career development measure. You will find that you have more management opportunities, more access to specializations and a generally more impressive resume than if you had an RN degree. Once you graduate, you can apply for jobs in clinics, hospitals, care centers and much more.

It is a good idea to research the various BSN programs that are in your area before choosing a program. Not all BSN programs are the same. Some nursing programs have better reputations in your area, and others have superior networking within the community. It is smart to attend a school that has a good reputation and a lot of networking capabilities because you will have a better chance of landing a great job right out of school. If you are interested in BSN programs that are offered online, you should consider Arizona State University, Northeastern University and the University of Texas at Arlington.

Hopefully, this information has answered the question, “what can I do with a BSN degree?”