What Is A BSN Degree?

BSN Degree ProgramsA BSN degree is a Bachelor of Science in nursing, which is a four year degree. There are various BSN degree programs you can use to obtain your degree. You can go to nursing school and earn your BSN at the same time that you become a registered nurse, or, if you are already a RN, you can use an online BSN degree program to earn your degree. Regardless of which program you choose, ask what the school’s success rate is for graduates taking nursing board exams before you commit. The BSN program is intense, and it is important to select a school with a high pass rate.

How to Find the Top BSN Degree Programs

Selecting the best nursing school requires you to research the schools that you realistically plan to attend and naturally, you want to find the best BSN program for you. If you are an RN, you can select an online BSN degree program, which opens up the field considerably. If you are not planning to earn a distance degree, talk to local registered nurses to find out where they went to school and their experiences. The most important point when selecting a school is to make sure that it is accredited.  If you plan to earn your BSN as your undergraduate degree, check local colleges lists of majors. If you are an RN, you can select from some of the top colleges across the country and participate in their online option. Look for colleges that offer online degree completion, or RN to BSN programs. Some options include Arizona State University, West Virginia University and The University of Texas- Arlington.

Resource: Top 10 Best Online BSN Degree Programs

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With A BSN Degree

Earning a BSN is a career development tool. While the demand for RNs is high, individuals with a BSN degree have even more career options available. A nurse with a BSN is qualified to take on management opportunities, and will see a salary increase in addition to greater job and personal satisfaction. The average salary for a first year nurse with a BSN degree is over 50,000 dollars annually, and increases to over 62,000 annually with 10 years of experience. Even if you decide to continue working on the floor, your increased training will enable you to take on more responsibilities as a shift or floor supervisor. In addition, knowing you are highly trained and qualified provides peace of mind in times when the job market is tight. Individuals with a BSN have completed all qualifications to become a registered nurse and additional courses in medical and management issues, which are valuable skills in today’s world.